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How can I add a new team to your league?

The SBPSL has restricted the number of teams in the SBPSL league based on the league's ability to get permits for the fields, and the players desires to limit the amount of travel on Sunday mornings.

The SBPSL maintains a waiting list of teams that are interested in joining the SBPSL. Should a team drop out of the SBPSL, the board may decide to replace that team with a team on the waiting list. Adding a new team is at the discretion of the board.

The most likely way for another team to join the league would be for that team to provide the following:

a) a quality field each year to play on from approximately September through June.

b) the ability for that field to support games on Sunday mornings every weekend (even if your team is playing 'away' at a different field).

c) the field should be located approximately in the south bay, as most players reside in that area.

Each May, the SBPSL board evaluates the upcoming season. Please contact the board via the web site sbpsl@bwe.net by April if you think there might be a good fit for the upcoming season. The league meets each May, and things of this nature are discussed.

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