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6/22 -- 1 pm -- D40 tournament schedule update

Manager's Meeting
Time and Place: June 29th at Walteria Park 7-9 P.M.

Annual elections will be conducted. It is mandatory for everyone to have a manager or team representative at all meetings. In particular, this meeting needs to have a voting member, so please do not send another Manager to vote for you (your vote will not count).

Nominations are due to Rich Heffernan only at rcheffe@verizon.net. Please list the person's name, team number and position for which they are running. There must be a 2nd for the nomination according to the by-laws. If you should have any questions please contact me at sbpslinfo@gmail.com.

Thank you, Michael Everson SBPSL Chairman

Games for 6/25

  • D60 - 82 vs 83 - Margate front 9:15
  • D60 - 81 vs 84 - Margate front 11:00

Division 40 Post Season Cup Standings 2017

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Harvest Cup

This year, Harvest Cup will host 7 age divisions from 35 and Over to a *brand-new* 65 and Over Division. To register your team for the Harvest Cup, click the REGISTRATION tab at Harvest Cup

The cost to reserve a slot for your team is $750 (about $50.00 per player for at least 4 games), with a non-refundable deposit of $350 due at registration. Space is going fast! 38 teams have already registered as of April 21st and there is room for 74. Be sure to register your team TODAY! There are some great hotel options for you this year. Fill out our hotel request form and they will get back to you with what we have available. The 11 v 11 tournament will be well officiated. There are 8 amazing grass fields, whose quality is unparalleled. When you are ready to register your team, please fill out the form on their website at: Harvest Cup. Please share this information with all of your soccer friends. SBPSL Teams wanting to go may be able to have their schedules adjusted.

Latest Documents

When players change teams...

  • 1. Current manager must turn ID card back to Luis. Manager should not give card to player.
  • 2. New manager must contact previous manager to make sure player's debts are cleared.
  • 3. After above steps, new manager applies for a new ID card. Player must miss 2 games.
  • 4. A player may switch teams only once during the year.

Sunday 6/11 scores

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Suspension List
This website shows only red cards that have been reported to the site. However, all suspensions are in effect immediately even if not shown here. Red carded players cannot play the following week(s) until cleared. Pay a visit to the suspension list before games.

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New player sign up list

SBPSL has an online list of players looking for a team. Players who do not get calls from having their name on this list, should visit games and meet team managers and players. The league plays no part in the process of assigning players to teams. This is a very competitive league, and NOT a good environment for beginners. Also, be advised that there is no guarantee of quantity of playing time as each team is independently managed. You should visit games to see if this is an environment for you. The league cannot answer the many e-mails about how to get onto a team. You can view the players seeking a team or add yourself to the list. Manager's may use this list to call players if they need to add to their rosters.

SBPSL League Information
This is an adult Sunday morning league. The SBPSL consists of 31 teams and around 700 players (currently all men) and has Divisions explained below. Minimum age is 18.

  • OPEN with no age limit
  • Div40 is for those born in 1977 or earlier.
  • Div50 is for those born in 1967 or earlier.
  • Div60 is for those born in 1957 or earlier.
Click on 'details' for more information. There is some information regarding a women's league on our FAQ link.

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Forms and documents
Here is a link to many league forms: SBPSL League Documents


Div 40
Div 50
Div 60


Div 40
Div 50
Div 60


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